Tuesday, Jun. 27th 2017

Shedding new light on the industry

LED2 Disrupting the Industry

It’s been a disruptive decade for business. The tried-and-tested, the stalwart business models that have laid the foundation of our American economy have shown their age and weaknesses. We’ve all witnessed it: Uber bypassing traditional transportation regulations, Bitcoin sidestepping the banking world, even Target contradicting the discount store model with designer products at higher prices.

In fact, we’re all seeing that business models aren’t as sturdy as they once were, and innovation is capable of not only disrupting but in some cases destroying outdated ways of getting the job done. In the world of commercial LED lighting, we’re working to make a few changes of our own.

No more middle men

LED is not new technology, and slowly but surely, the world is beginning to recognize its benefits. By retrofitting your facility, you can eliminate maintenance for five to 10 years, improve the overall quality and quantity of light, and (best of all) reduce your overall operational costs and energy usage by up to 80 percent.

But as proud as I am to help more and more business owners realize the value of switching, I’m even prouder of how we’re doing it. Instead of working only through a large regional/nationwide distributor, we manufacture, discover and sell indoor and outdoor commercial LED lighting products directly to the electrical, mechanical and maintenance contractors who need them.

We’ve basically simplified the supply chain—and the payoff is huge. Our end users can cut nearly 50 percent from the cost of lighting products with LED2’s direct sales channel. And thanks to our contractor partners who pass that savings onto their customers, that’s a huge advantage.

We believe everyone should be able to afford high-quality and reliable LED lighting products, and this new approach makes that possible.

Pairing with a partner

We also saw an opportunity to improve the industry by creating products that are easy to work with and easy to install. In fact, we always keep the installer in mind! Our team will configure a customized lighting design and even provide instruction on-site to the installation crews performing the work. It’s about remaining focused on what really matters: quality, transparency, reliability and honesty.

Think of us as your virtual lighting department. For example, many of our clients will simply take pictures and count the bulbs at one of their client’s facilities, and from there, we’ll create a professional lighting recommendation list with all of the details the contractor can pass to the client. We’re proud of the project management and value engineering services we can offer to our customers, and they appreciate having a true lighting expert as their trusted partner.

Not everyone can achieve disruption at Uber levels, but I’m excited about what our team is doing in the world of LED lighting—and how we’re powering professionals.

Martin Zhang is president of LED2, a manufacturer and seller of indoor and outdoor commercial LED lighting products. What changes are you seeing in the lighting industry? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page or on Twitter @LED2.

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