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LED2 MZ-3 Winter Blues

The end of Daylight Saving Time always throws me for a loop each fall, as the days grow shorter and the sun is hard to find. It’s always tough getting used to leaving work when it’s already dark, especially on those days when you feel like you never...

Reducing your building costs are as easy as changing a light bulb

As I perused the winners of the recent “Coolest Office Spaces” competition in the Kansas City Business Journal, I’m amazed at some of the innovative ways local businesses have created fun and productive work environments for their employees. We’ve...

Better Lighting Leads to Better Learning

Teachers have a tough job. I can still picture my school days long ago; I remember how distracting the classroom could be—thinking about lunch, the football game that night, the girl two rows up. Teachers struggle for their students’ attention,...

Dangers of Fluorescent Lighting

Over the past few decades, an antibacterial chemical known as triclosan slowly infiltrated our lives. Starting as a hospital scrub in the 1970s, it began showing up in shampoos, cleaning supplies, hand soaps, even toothpaste. By 2000 it was already...

How the speed of technology impacts the lighting industry

Rifling through an old box in storage the other day, I came across an old flip phone of mine—dusty, scratched and dead. A wave of nostalgia rushed over me as – just like hearing an old song – memories of certain life events connected to that phone...

LED2 Disrupting the Industry

It’s been a disruptive decade for business. The tried-and-tested, the stalwart business models that have laid the foundation of our American economy have shown their age and weaknesses. We’ve all witnessed it: Uber bypassing traditional transportation...

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Kansas City, Kan. – As a commercial LED lighting products manufacturer, LED2 seeks to promote the benefits of LED lighting to area contractors as well as the general public. But the company also strives to support the local communities where it operates,...


LED2 has a newly renovated office space located in downtown Kansas City, Kansas! Coming through the front doors, you’re quickly immersed into the bright lime green walls. With grand, scenic prints placed along the walls of our offices, space itself...

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