No, while fluorescent lamps contain mercury, there is no mercury or other gases needed to operate LED’s.

Unlike conventional light sources that reduce in output and eventually fail, LED products do not normally suddenly fail.  Instead, the light output reduces over time.

LED’s are Light Emitting Diodes.  These are electronic components that convert electricity directly to light through the movement of electrons within the material of the diode making them much more efficient than traditional light sources.

Although the initial cost of conventional light sources is less than LED’s, the operational and maintenance costs of LED are much lower.  Through reduced maintenance and lamp replacement costs as well as using less energy, the overall cost of an LED system is significantly lower than a conventional lighting system.

LED life is typically measured from when the output has been reduced by 30% meaning that there is 70% of the light output remaining.  That’s where the term “L70” comes from and this is the normal standard that LED’s are expected to reach.  50,000 hours means 5.7 years if the light is operated 24 hours per day, 7.6 years if the lights are on 18 hours per day and 11.4 years for lights that are on 12 hours per day.

LED’s have no gases, no filaments and no moving parts to wear out.  They provide light through a one-step process that takes place within the diode.

They are made of electronic components that need to be packaged together to offer long lasting, efficient light sources.  Apart from the LED chip itself, the process of packaging with materials like ceramic, rare earth phosphors, silicone, solder and gold wire add to the overall cost along with the need for additional tests for calibration and standardization.

By installing LED lighting you can:

  • Reduce your lighting electric bill from 40 to 80%
  • Virtually eliminate lighting maintenance for at least 5 to 10+ years
  • Greatly enhance your facility lighting with a much higher quality & quantity of light

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