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Most of the LED2 line is DLC Qualified.  We do, however, produce some products that are not DLC Qualified but are price-driven products designed to make financial sense in areas where no lighting rebate is offered.

Many of the products in the LED2 line are dimmable.  The product specification sheets will clearly state if that product is dimmable but don’t hesitate to contact us to ask.  We can promptly tell you which items in our line are dimmable and which are not.

LED2 has several options available in linear T8 tubes including a Ballast Compatible tube that will operate with many common brands and models of T8 electronic ballasts.  There is no re-wiring of the fixture necessary, just “Plug and Play”. 

But because one of the major benefits of LED is virtually eliminating maintenance and maintenance costs, LED2 offers 2 other options which do just that:

  1. Internal Driver Tubes – This option eliminates fluorescent ballast use permanently. Simply wire direct to non-shunted sockets in a fixture and the lamp will operate with no other power source necessary.
  2. External Driver Tubes – This option simply replaces an existing fluorescent ballast with an LED driver and, in most cases, simply plug the lamps right into the existing sockets.

We have 4’ LED tubes that are direct replacements for T8 lamps in light output and size using significantly less energy.  However, you’ll likely notice that it’s a cleaner, clearer light source.

After careful consideration, LED2 has chosen not to produce a direct T5 lamp replacement believing that when significant savings can be realized, the entire fixture should be replaced.

In some cases we can expedite shipping by the use of Air Freight.  Each case is judged on an individual basis.

Most of the LED2 line comes standard with the Multi-Volt dimming option operating 100-277VAC.  The 480V option is available on many items but it is NOT a standard item and there is generally an increased cost for 480V operation.

LED2 has one of the most lucrative sample policies in the industry. In many cases we will provide up to $250 in samples at no cost for use in promoting LED2 products. Depending on account status, that amount may be raised in certain circumstances. 

For project samples, we offer a 60 day “Try It” program. Install the samples for up to 60 days. If you or your customer keeps the product, simply pay the invoice. If not, simply return the samples with no cost.

You can always contact us with that question but our product Specification Sheets also have DLC Qualified products clearly marked.

Simply call LED2 or email your inquiry to your Sales Representative or

It depends on the item. We can have production expedited on certain items; others we cannot. Many of us at LED2, having been burned on lead times in other positions, know firsthand the frustrations of unreal lead time expectations. We will always give you the most accurate lead time on special order or non-stock items.

While some have extremely high freight allowances, we pay the freight on all orders over just $1,500.  For orders less than $1,500, the shipping will be billed on the invoice.

The LED2 warranty process is very simple.  If you have a failure:

  1. Fill out the RMA form which is available online
  2. We’ll immediately send a replacement
  3. The replacement will arrive along with a shipping label and an invoice for the replacement (the invoice is sent only to insure that we get the non-working part back)
  4. Return the inoperable part using the provided label
  5. We will delete the invoice for the replacement part upon receipt

There are instances where we do not require the inoperable part to be returned and will make that clear to you.  But in most cases, because of our extremely low failure rate, we are very proactive in examining most defective or inoperable lamps/fixtures to determine cause of failure.

All LED2 products have a minimum 5 year warranty while many of the exterior products have a 10 year warranty.

LED2 has all types of support available ranging from Layouts with complete Photometrics to Energy Audits, Proposals and even product and sales training.

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